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Posted 1 year ago @ 10:35AM

East Wrestlers Win First Ever IHSWCA Academic Challenge

For the first time this year, the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association conducted an Academic Challenge to determine the state’s top team in terms of combined success on the mat and in the classroom.

Taking the combined GPAs of the 14 varsity wrestlers from the 32 sectional team champions, Columbus East came away as one of the best. The Olympians tied with Noblesville for the Academic Challenge championship.

“I think it’s fantastic to be recognized,” East coach Chris Cooper said. “For years, something we’ve emphasized in our program is the student aspect. It’s nice to be a great wrestler, but at the end of the day, you can’t wrestle forever. We always talk to them about academics, and we have a lot of great students in our program, so it’s nice for them to be recognized for that.”

The Olympians have a non-weighted GPA of better than 3.4 for its 14 wrestlers that competed in the sectional. Cooper said the combined GPA is about the same when all 30 wrestlers in the program are included.

“That’s something we keep track of,” Cooper said. “We take our first-quarter GPA and set goals for the second and third nine weeks.”

Among varsity wrestlers, junior Noah Lykins and sophomores Liam Krueger and Tommy Morrill all have perfect 4.0 GPA, while enior Tyler Williams (3.9), sophomore Bo Wagner (3.8) and junior Reece Fisher (3.7) aren’t far off. From the JV, junior Tristan Statler, sophomores Jacob Clark and Jordan Sutton and freshman Jahir Arellano all have 4.0 GPAs.

“It’s amazing that we were able to win with an unweighted GPA because most schools have weighted GPAs,” Cooper said.

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