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Columbus East High School

Home of the Olympians


Columbus East High School

Home of the Olympians

Columbus East High School

Home of the Olympians

Varsity Wrestling Winter 2018-2019 Mulch Madness.

The Columbus East Wrestling Club presents the 8th Annual

Mulch Madness!

with help from Hackman’s Farm Market and Greenhouse

The Columbus East Wrestling Club Mulch Fundraiser is a great way to ease your spring landscaping duties as well as support your local high school wrestling team . Let the wrestlers do the work for you!  All proceeds will be used to help the club with traveling expenses to national tournaments, uniforms, and camps.  Ordering is easy. Just choose how much mulch you need, your delivery date and time, and place your order using the link to our order spreadsheet.



Mulch is an AA Hardwood brown mulch and comes from Tiffany Lawn and Garden in Indianapolis.  Mulch is sold by the yard. (Order as many yards as needed.  Cost to spread is $35 for the first yard and $25 for each additional yard. Example - 4 yards = $55 x4 (mulch fee)=$220 + $110 (spread fee) = $330

******Pay at the time of delivery******


1 yrd Load

 (Compact Truckload)

2 yrd Load

(Short Bed Truckload)

3 yrd Load

(Full Size Truckload)

Hardwood Brown




Spread Price (extra)






To determine how much mulch you need you will need to measure the length and width of the areas you would like to cover and multiply the 2 numbers together to determine your square footage.. Divide your total square footage divide the number by 100 (1 cubic yard of mulch covers approximately 100 square feet at 3 inches deep)

2019 Delivery Dates:    
Saturday, April 6  8:00 am - end of deliveries
Saturday, April 13  8:00 am - end of deliveries
Rain out dates are the next day, Sunday, April 7, April 14

If you have questions please email

or text “Mulch” to 812-343-1882 to receive a text correspondence back.

Thank you for supporting Columbus East Wrestling!

Sold out for 2019!  Thanks for your support!


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